Our mission is assist your business or company in securing optimal coverage at the most competitive pricing, while providing exceptional client service.


We envision a transformative future for the industry, where businesses can access insurance solutions that are accessible, reliable, organized, and simplified. Our unwavering dedication to exceptional client service drives us to assist businesses and companies in finding the best coverage for their business needs. The process of finding insurance should be efficient. We are committed to making insuring your business a seamless and hassle free process for our customers, empowering them to flourish with unwavering confidence.

How You Benefit

24/7 Access to Policy & Certificates of Insurance
210+ Insurance Companies Networked
Instant Certificate Access

Our Leadership

The team at T. Hudson Insurance brings extensive experience and knowledge to cater to the diverse needs of our customers across many industries. With our expertise, our team is well-equipped to provide tailored solutions and exceptional service to ensure that you receive comprehensive and reliable business insurance coverage that is easy to understand.

Todd Kohout

Founder & Managing Partner

Sarah McNatt

Vice President, Insurance

Jack Sargent

President, Trucking Division

Jordyn Sheick

Vice President, Insurance

Carla Schwinne

Chief Administrative Officer

Mary Ann Pruitt

Chief Operations Officer

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